"Gav, if it’s a swarm like you say, then let’s fucking kill some bees."

A bee is a living being whose nervous system and body is slowly decaying after coming in contact with the original source of infection or another bee. It loses most of the brains functions and goes into a primal animalistic state. It feeds on living flesh to keep it’s own flesh from fully dieing. If it does not feed it will in turn die. Because of the dieing nervous system most bees will not feel pain.

One bite by another bee or animal carrying the infection will cause illness, and if not treated, victim may turn. Multiple bites always result in becoming a bee. Depending of the severity of the bite/wound a person could become a bee within minutes to days.

Over time the victim's body will become emaciated from lack of food and begin to deteriate.

The bees only instinct is to feed on living flesh to sustain its own dying flesh. Its instincts are to survive. They're usually attracted to wounded or slow moving animals and humans.

Physical Appearance Edit

Bees look like the human they once were, although they are typically emaciated and wear tattered clothing.

Appearances Edit

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