"My bro and I first saw the wiki the day you started it. You or someone else left a link in a comment. We were actually checking it as you were creating it. We were in awe that someone liked us that much, man. We check it constantly, man."
—Chris Williams in an email to the wiki's creator

Chris Williams, born September 29th 1978, is one of the creators of Dead Meat. The series was his idea originally, although he works with his brother Patrick to get it onto the written page.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Chris was born with a heart defect, and as a child he was obsessed with drawing. He would even freelance his self out and draw stuff for classmates for twenty five cents a drawing.

High School Edit

According to Williams, he enjoyed high school, and took several art classes. It was around this time that he became a fan of the horror genre, watching a few movies that reall stuck with him, including Near Dark, Friday the 13th (the series), Jaws and any other Giant creaturer movies.

About ten or so years ago he became a fan of zombies, which he describes as being simple, but at the same time "scary as hell."

Dead Meat Edit

According to Chris, he came up with the idea for Dead Meat when he and a friend were talking about if zombies infested their town, state, country or world, and what they would do. Since that time, Dead Meat, now having over twenty chapters, has become quite popular among fans of zombie literature on the web, inspiring several notable websites to write reviews, and earning the novel its own encyclopedia, the Dead Meat Wiki.