Maria was a woman who owned a diner in the town of River's Edge[1].

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Maria lived in the town of River's Edge, at some point during her life starting a diner.

Later life Edit

In 2007, a disease that turned humans into flesh eating monsters arrived in the town, and Maria could not escape because the location was under quarantine. She hid from soldiers and beasts alike in her diner, until two men, calling themselves Gavin Murphy and Benny broke in. She initially attacked them, believing they were enemies, and Benny nearly took out her leg with an aluminum back he stole from a nearby store, Wonder Mart[2].

She let them stay for the night and drink her liquor, and Gavin promised that he would help her escape the town[3]. The next day, she, being carried by Gavin, directed them to a path in the woods that lead to a shallow part of a river they could wade through. They left her behind with their supplies while they went to check it out, and witnessed a slaughter on the riverbank by soldiers blocking the way[4].

Death Edit

Gavin sent Benny back to get Maria, but he returned empty handed, saying the attackers had got her, but Gavin believed, and still believes, that he killed her[5].

Physical Description Edit

Maria was a middle-aged woman, who was somewhat dirty and not particularly attractive.

Personality and Traits Edit

Although she displayed humanity through her gratefullness to Gavin for trying to rescue her, Maria was typically unpleasant and violent.

Abilities and Skills Edit

Able to cause pain to much more physically fit people by use of a crowbar, Maria was a somewhat able fighter. It is also likely, that, as she owned a diner, she was capable of mixing drinks and preparing food.

Possessions Edit

Maria's only known possession was her small diner in River's Edge.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • According to Dead Meat creator Chris Williams, "[Maria]’s a little filthy, which is definitely more realistic than the extremely gorgeous woman who swoops in to kick some ass."

Notes and references Edit

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