"That dude was the only good host around these parts. He was one of the only ones who could actually make me laugh each and every time I heard his show. I mean, back in River’s Edge, he was the only thing worth listening too other than some classic rock."

Maverick, also known by the nickname Mav, was the radio host of "Underground Sound" on 88.5 FM in River's Edge.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Little is known of Maverick's youth before he became a radio host, though the fact that he frequently referred to River's Edge as "our town" suggests he was born there.

As Host Edit

After he joined the radio business, Maverick frequently accused the government of hiding conspiracies. Things began to get worse and worse in the town of River's Edge as it was over run by man-eating monsters known as bees, and Maverick began to become slightly unnerved over time, eventually ending his show when he runs out of supplies.

Personality and traits Edit

Maverick was cynical, collected, and somewhat of a pervert.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Appearances Edit

  • Dead Meat, (Chapter 1: Benny) (First appearance)
  • Dead Meat, (Chapter 2: Maverick)
  • Dead Meat, (Chapter 9: Controversy, Cattle Prods, and a Handle of Beam)
  • Dead Meat, (Chapter 10: Invasion)
  • Dead Meat, (Chapter 20: On the Road) (Mentioned only)
  • Dead Meat, (Chapter 21: This Is the End, My Friends)