Maverick is the third entry in Dead Meat.


Back on the roof, they listen to Maverick's show. He explains that he has been on the air for three days as twenty or so rabid people swarm outside his studio. He expresses contempt at the government, who he has formed a conspiracy against, and shows doubt that what the town is being attacked with is rabies. He also mentions that they have been getting reports that they are not the only small town with an issue.

Afterword, he begins a segment of the show in which he posts a scenario, and that a listener calling in has to survive. He asks what caller one, a man called Blake would do if he was sitting idol at a red light and three or four of the monsters tried to attack him. Blake loses due to his belief that lyanthropy is a sexually transmitted disease, and Maverick goes on to the next caller, Pete, who says that he would run a few of them over with his car and then beat them with his son's baseball bat. Maverick says that he wins, and Pete is awarded tickets to see Gwar for the weekend.

Next, another man, Steven, calls in, saying that the police had shut down the only two roads out of the town, Crooks Bridge and Sparrows Nest. He and Maverick both suggest that River's Edge is under quarantine. To "set the mood" for "what is to come," Maverick goes on to play "It's the End of the World" by R.E.M.