This unidentified convenient store in the town of River's Edge was a notably overpriced store that sold basic items; candy, soda, and cigarettes among them.

History Edit

The shop seems to be an older one, as the door is described as not being made like modern doors.

Recent History Edit

In 2007, when the town was overrun by a disease that turned men into flesh-eating monsters nicknamed "bees" due to their tendency to travel in swarms, the store was abandon. A man called Benny, a resident of the town, came across the location and found it was host to two infected individuals, whom he killed. He then took some supplies from the store and found that a maintence closet contained an entrance to the roof above, where he took shelter. Some time later, he found, in the alleyway next to the store, a fellow survivor, Gavin Murphy, whom he let stay with him.

The two spent only a while in the area, as a diseased woman came to the store and banged herself against the glass door, trying to get in. She fell through the shattered glass, cutting herself in a way that would prove fatal to an ordinary human, but managed to survive, which scared the two men into taking some final supplies before finding their way to a much larger store, Wonder Mart.