"Alright, fresh from a break we hit the ‘Underground Sound,’ with your classically trained skeptic and host ‘The Maverick,’ here on 88.5 FM."

Underground Sound was the radio show ran by Maverick on 88.5 FM in River's Edge. When the town came under attack by flesh-eating "bees," the show was the only one still running.

History Edit

"That dude was the only good host around these parts. He was one of the only ones who could actually make me laugh each and every time I heard his show. I mean, back in River’s Edge, he was the only thing worth listening to other than some classic rock."

According to Benny, Maverick and his show were the only things worth listening to other than some classic rock.

Recent History Edit

"Maverick here, on 88.5 FM, filling in for. . .well, everyone."

When his became the only show still running, Maverick went on doing it for days straight, locked up in his studio, with several rabid attackers outside. He frequently came up with conspiracy theories that blamed the government for the attack, and "Gut Checks," in which he would pose a scenario and a caller had to survive the gut check moment. Known gut checks included the scenario "If you were in your vehicle sitting idle at a red light and three or four of these pricks try to car jack you, could you and handle it?" Callers who tried the gut check included Blake, who failed for believing lycanthropy was a sexually transmitted disease, and Pete, who won tickets to Gwar. A third caller, named Steven, brought up the possibilty that their town was under quarantine.

Final broadcast Edit

"I’m hungry and out of food. I’m thirsty and my tap water tastes like piss. I need nourishment in various manners and I have no ladies to help me out with that. Three basic, primal needs and I have run dry."

Eventually, Maverick ran out of enough supplies and morale to keep running the show, and finally ended it, to much dismay for the survivors of the bees.